Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm Fit to be Tied!


If you are one of my Class of 82 alumni friends that has casually mentioned to me, and I quote, "I don't feel like coming to the reunion..." STOP READING NOW. I'm gonna piss you off.

Seriously, stop now, or consider yourself warned...

As the title of this post says, I'm fit to be tied. I have been working my ass off for this reunion. I have neglected my children, my husband and my dogs to get stuff done to make this a success. I have spent countless hours trying to hunt down email addresses, reach out to people on FB and the alumni sites I organize, sent out hundreds of emails, begged for photos for the slide show, worked long hours into the night on the display boards, memorial table, slide show and various other projects, all to make this a fun party for my classmates, who, for the most part, don't seem to give a shit. They complain about the ticket price (if you bought you ticket when they first went on sale I think it was $70 or $80 per person - expensive? Yes, but our reunions happen every 5 years now..they knew it was coming up since 2007)...or complain that the date is bad - they already have dinner plans with Aunt Edna for shake & bake, and they can't change THAT (really? This date was chosen over a YEAR ago AFTER I conducted a poll asking when the best date for everyone was...)

Why do I bother?

Now, don't get me wrong, I completely understand when it is out of their control for financial reasons, health reasons, etc. We all have complicated lives and things don't work out they way we want them to, I get that. BUT, to make the conscious decision to be so blasĂ©  about it,  to just not give a crap about coming or not, well that's just downright frustrating. Some people are coming from across the country to be here, have spent hundreds of dollars on airline tickets, hotel rooms and rental cars in addition to reunion tickets and they want to see their classmates! But nope, most of the locals aren't bothering...WHY?


I've paid for my tickets, (no freebies for me, even though a lot of people assume I get in for free) and put so much effort into this...and I've done everything I possible can, including sending out reminder after reminder, setting up the night before activity, and posting hundreds of pictures from prior reunions trying to get people excited....I just can't make people buy tickets.

I know, I know, I've done this to myself. I've set myself up for failure. I hate when I do this to myself. I should know better.

Back in 'the day' the Mira Mesa High Class of 82 thought we were"IT"...We had awesome school spirit that we swore would never die. We were a mighty class of over 600. Yeah, yeah, I know it's 30 years later, but seriously, what the hell happened to everyone? It's sad. Right now we are sitting at about 60 RSVP's. ONLY 60! Barely 10%, pathetic. I have more people come to my damn Halloween party than who are  coming to a 30 Year Reunion! Unbelievable!  

I know there are a lot more classmates out there, and a LOT of them are local. They choose not to come.

I just don't get it.

Rant over.

I am thoroughly looking forward to each and every person who does come. The few, the proud, the ever dwindling Class of 82.


Chris H said...

That sucks, and is so sad for you.
I know that you will have put countless hours into organising the reunion.
Chick, it's about time you smelt the coffee and stopped doing it! There will always be the few faithful who will want to meet up... maybe you can scale the next one down?

Unknown said...

Aw Sue, I feel your pain, I did our 35th, and again we only had a class of 200 whom graduated but we had a great showing since no one bothered to host a 30th, now since I did a great job on the 35th, I have been voted in on doing the 40th which is only 2 years away..has anyone offered to help NOPE, but they want a great party...I am sorry you only have 60, but I will bet that you will have people that will show up and not pay a dime, which of course I had ten do sad cuz you are right we were the best CLASS when we were younger, what happened to your class spirit..YOUR THE BEST GF, and don't forget it..LOve ya Sherri