Monday, August 13, 2012

30 Years! Mixer Pics

I'm going to take this opportunity to post some of my pictures from my 30 year reunion events held on Friday and Saturday evening. Friday night we had a "multi-year" mixer, and Saturday night was the "official" reunion. Both events were well attended (Thank goodness!!) and both were a TOTAL BLAST!

I'm posting these for the benefit of my Alumni friends that aren't on Face Book, where most of these are already posted. (If you are one of my "non-alumni" readers, hang in there with me...I'll probably have to post the photos over the course of several posts because, well, you know me - I'm a bit camera crazy.) Stay tuned for my "normal" posts to resume soon.

To my dear Mira Mesa High School Alumni Friends, especially the Class of 82, "Thanks for the Memories"  I love you all! Let's not be strangers! 

These first few are from the Friday night mixer. (Please note, I am using the girl's maiden names in most cases)

Rich & Michele Dahlberg & Dave Nawakowski
Shelley Reed, Robert Faulkner & John Vance
Joe Cristarella and Lori Potter
Ken Smith, Frances Toscano, Sandy Toner

Melissa Hiegel, Cheryl Oberle

Me & Allan Anderson

Ken Smith, me, Jon Schwartz
Denise Taunton, Glen Geelhhoed & Lori Range

Denise Taunton, Sylvia Donetz,Tammy Ludwig, Lori Range
Robert Faulkner, Mr. Toler (math teacher) Jon Schwartz
Dennis "Dad" Morgan (drama teacher)  and Joe Cristarella
Me and Jon Schwartz
Janet Jarvis, Allan Anderson, Shelley Reed

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