Tuesday, July 31, 2012

When the Cat is Away, the Mouse will Paint!

Maybe I should have been a dentist! I'm not bad with teeth.
(BIG thanks to Pickle for helping me paint today. She is a true artist~WAY better than I am, that's for sure.) Together we knocked out nearly an entire 7 ft. clown head. 

Ok, so that sounds kind of gross, doesn't it?  Awe, yes, Halloween party prep is underway indeed.

While I am doling out props, I also have to thank AJ for putting together an absolutely incredible "Save the Date" video. He rocked that bad boy, big time! If you are on the "exclusive invite list" you've seen it and I know you'll agree that this is the best "save the date", by far, that we've ever had.

Not on the list, but want to be? Email me, we'll talk...

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Chris H said...

Awesome job! Scary though.