Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Clairvoyant Congressman? I think not...

The following is a letter I wrote to our local congressman, Brian Bilbray yesterday, in response to letter he sent addressed to my Dad on June 21st of this year. I obviously know that it was a computer generated letter, with my Dad's name simply inserted in the blank "name" spot, but to be perfectly honest, my Mom and I are tired of getting these types of things, ESPECIALLY from politicians, thanking my Dad for his recent support, etc. It's one thing when you really do go to a meeting and ask questions, etc., but to send out a blatant bullshit piece of mail, well,  to those of us recieving them, it just gets to be downright offensive.  Anyway...here ya go.

July 2nd, 2012

Dear Mr. Bilbray,

I would like to congratulate you on your spectacular clairvoyant gifts. I knew you were a man of many talents, but had no idea that telepathy was one of them.

I wanted to thank you for letting me know that my father, Arnold M. XXXX, participated in your tele-townhall meeting on June 20th, as noted in the letter sent to him dated June 21st, 2012. I consider this to be simply incredible, considering my father passed away on January 5th of this year.

If he did, in fact, participate, and was actually ASKING QUESTIONS as your letter stated, I would implore you to share your talents with me, his daughter, as I would LOVE to be able to communicate with my dearly departed father.

However, if he did not personally participate in the tele-townhall meeting, as I strongly suspect he did not, I would ask you to kindly REMOVE HIS NAME from your mailing list so that we, his grieving family, will no longer receive such insensitive and simply insulting letters from your office.


Susan A. XXXX

Enclosure (1) - I inserted the letter he sent, so he could see how ridiculous it was to say that someone was there that OBVIOUSLY wasn't...

Too harsh? I think not.

Rant finished. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Okay. I liked Bilbray. Past tense. It was obviously some staffer(s) being lazy or just plain stupid. But he hired them. In these days of do many talented people being unemployed, can't our politicians hire someone with half a brain?