Thursday, May 31, 2012

Everyone Needs a Little Mischief!

Some wonderful friends of mine are following their dream and opening their very own brewery. HOW COOL IS THAT!?! Who out there among us hasn't wanted to come up with something entirely on their own, fine their passion, and follow their dream? These folks are DOING IT! They are making Mischief! (And if that isn't the coolest name for a brewery, I don't know what is!)

If you are a beer lover, if you support small, home grown business, and if you've ever had a dream YOU wanted to follow, please spend a few minutes of your time watching this video. April and Brandon could really use your help to make a dream come true.

Don't you want to be a part of that? I know I do! I'm a backer, how about you?

I want to help them make Mischief!
To find out more on how you can help, please visit The Mischief Brewing Company HERE.


April said...

I love you. That is all.

Sam said...

Very cool! ...and they are in our neck of the woods too!