Friday, May 18, 2012

Dog Gone Tired!

It's been a very busy couple of days for me, with several therapy visits, a visit from a dear friend, a couple of business meetings, and some other stuff going on.  I'll catch up more tomorrow and post some cute pictures from my visits, but for tonight I'll share this one of the pups I was supervising at the VA today.

This was taken after they'd finished being extremely well behaved in the hospice unit, and bringing lots of smiles and love to the folks they visited.  To say they were all tired is an understatement!


Sam said...

LOL - I love the look on the Golden's face!


Anniessa Salumaa said...

Lily is like that after having to think really hard about good behavior! It's exhausting! : )

Chris H said...

Clearly visiting and being loved on is tiring work! *smiles*