Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Photo-a-day catchup and more!

First, let me catch up from the days I've missed for posting my photo-a-day challenges.

Day 16 was "something you made"
meet my 3 knuckleheads!
Day 17 was "on the floor"
Kona - only the nose knows.
Day 18 was "makes you feel merry"
Mom's homemade Christmas cookies!

 Yesterday's prompt was "something beginning with 's' "
Sparkly surprises!
 The prompt for today is "weather". 
It's rare that San Diego even has much weather to talk about, but lately we've had a couple of storms roll thru and even a little rain. It's been a nice change.
Since my last post, Pickle had a birthday (on the 16th) - it's so hard to believe my baby is 19! Holy moly, I feel old!
We celebrated with a nice dinner out with friends and family, and a small gathering at the house later. It was very nice. On the 15th we picked up AJ, who flew in late that evening from Indiana for the holidays.  Thankfully the weather was decent back there and there weren't any delays with his flight home.  It's so nice to have everyone in town for a change!  We were able to get our annual Christmas picture done, and cards are finally in the mail.  I sent out 120 cards this year! Here are a couple of our "out-takes" from our Christmas photo shoot.
I was glad to get these done - finally!
I'm off to feed 2 hungry college students now - cheap Chinese buffet, here we come!

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