Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Party and some pictures.

After the horrible news of yesterday, I have to admit, I had some hesitation in going forward with my birthday party. It seemed, after all, quite insignificant.  So much tragedy in our country, so many families mourning, and her I am, celebrating how old I'm getting. Strange, right?

Well, we did decide to go forward with the party, and after a rough morning, the evening turned out lovely.  I enjoyed the company of about 30 of my closest friends, and had several pleasant surprises throughout the evening. I had 3 of my very dearest, oldest friends here with me, and the only thing that bums me out is that several special people weren't able to be here, and were missed very much (you know who you are....) I wish that I would have thought to get a group photo, but it was too distracted....

I also had two out of my 3 children here, which was very nice.  My son comes home in just a couple of hours from college in Indiana (about 2300 miles away) and I am considering his arrival a late birthday present.

Below are some pictures from the party last night.

Some of my favorite friends and neighbors! 
 Mom & Doug - I love this picture!
 Happy Jack...
 I was overwhelmed with the beautiful and very thoughtful gifts I received. 
 Of course Kona had to get into the act too!
I wanted to catch up on my photo-a-day challenge too. I've posted the last two days of prompts on my FB page, but not for those of you who may be following along, here they are .  The prompt for the 14th was "green" - here is my photo (sago palm leave from my yard)
The prompt for today was "outdoors" - again, a shot from my backyard.
Tomorrow's prompt is "something you made" - tomorrow is also Pickle's birthday. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  Easy.

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kks said...

happy birthday!! great pictures and you look amazing!! xoxo