Saturday, November 12, 2011

No Slacking Here!

I know I haven't posted since Wednesday, but I promise I haven't been slacking off! I'm been in the cleaning and decluttering mood around here, and I'm happy to say that finally, exactly 2 weeks after our Halloween party, EVERYTHING Halloween has been put up and out of the way. That, my friends, is a HUGE accomplishment. My car has finally seen the inside of the garage again, after having been banished to the driveway since the end of July!

This is how the garage is supposed to look!

I'm heading off to Los Angeles now for the day to do some work, so I probably won't be able to post any more Halloween guest pics today, but fear not, they are still coming!


Chris H said...

Where on earth do you put all the Halloween stuff ?
Have a nice day!

ttmillers said...

Do you want to come clean my garage?