Monday, September 5, 2011

LABOR Day Weekend

It was Labor Day Weekend, and Labor we did - ALL weekend! We are within 2 month of the Halloween now, and time is a-wasting! There is no time to spare now, and with only 7 weekends to work on party prep, we will be using every minute.
Thankfully we got quite a bit done this weekend, in spite of our unexpected rain today. Lots of painting, some construction, and a few important projects got checked off the list.
I'll share a couple more pictures tomorrow, not too many of course - I can't give away too many fun secrets before the party - but it is fun to share some of our hard work with you. I'm very happy with how things are shaping up.
Here is our Anubis head finished... and how his body looked as of yesterday - to give you a little perspective of how large he is (his body is complete now too) a few finishing touches and he will be 100% done!

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Joey and Kealani said...

He definatley wont fit in the Smart car!!!LOL I like the poop sign got in the picture!!!LOL How exciting seeing things come together!!! Hugs, Valerie