Monday, June 6, 2011

Surfin Jill!

Jill participated in a Dog Surfing competition this past Saturday. She didn't do particularly well in the actual competition, but she looked pawsome hanging out on the beach. She literally had hundreds of people taking pictures of her - it was pretty cool!

These fantastic shots came from "idyguy" -he graciously allowed me to share them here with you. You can check out other great photos of his at

Jill may not be the best surfer in the bunch, but she's got a million dollar smile! Thanks again Chris - "idyguy" for allowing me to share your pictures of our girl.


Berts Blog said...

va va va voom......

I never did see a better lookin surfer. even if you never made it to the water, I

i bet you made a lot of heads turn


Chris Martin said...

She looks pawsome alright!!!
Best wishes,