Sunday, June 5, 2011

Prom 2011

Until a few weeks ago, it didn't look like AJ was going to go to senior prom. He didn't mind much, while I was heart broken. I wanted to see him dressed up in his tux, escorting a beautiful girl in a gorgeous dress off to a fancy ball.

His school did a dumb thing. They planned their prom for Memorial weekend. Hello! Who does that? Well, needless to say, AJ asked the person he wanted to ask, and her family was going out of town for the long weekend. Bummer. He asked another girl. She was going out of town for a college visit. He was done. Forget it.

Then about a week after he decided a prom was not in his future, he was asked to another school's prom (my alma mater) by a young lady friend in our neighborhood. He accepted, and last night was the big night.

I got to live my "Mom's prom dream," and see my boy off in his tux, escorting a beautiful girl in a gorgeous dress to a fancy ball. I was a very happy Mom indeed.

Thank you, lovely C.J. for inviting A.J. to the prom - you are a doll!

Dressed and ready.
"How do you work this corsage thing?" Too cute!
Looking sharp!

Some fine looking young men!

The group gathered in our backyard for some pictures around the pool.

A.J. and C.J. had early dinner reservations, so they were the first of the group to leave....

...but the kids kept coming! More girls showed up...

There were swarms of them! Ha ha! And the parents were like paparazzi!

Girls didn't dress like this for the prom when I went to school! They looked absolutely stunning!

With the last of the arrivals, it was time to send them on their way.

The paparazzi parents had to wrap up the picture taking and be on their way too...

A.J. and C.J. arrived home shortly before midnight after having a full evening of food, fun, and dancing.

And I didn't cry once.


kate said...

wow that brings back memories. and makes me feel so old! ;)

Chris H said...

How gorgeous they all look, boys and girls!
Glad AJ got to go to a prom.

Kelli said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful prom couple! :D

April said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! I married my senior prom date. Just sayin'..... Love you Sue!