Monday, March 21, 2011

Special Delivery!

"Oh, there is nothing better than getting a package just for us -especially when it's been raining like crazy and we've been bored.

Lots of hugs and licks to Merrill for sending us these extra specail treats!"
"Oh, what do we have here?"
LOTS to munch on!
Bullys and bones....

and Sweet Potato Chews! YUM!
"Hello! Remember us? We are waiting patiently."
"At last...nom,nom,nom"...Harley loves it!
Jack likes them - Jack likes everything!

Kona is digging in too.
Kookie Jill takes hers under the table because she thinks no one else can get under the table...silly girl.
Thank you for thinking of us Merrill.
Jack, Jill, Harley & Kona


kks said...

What lucky dogs!!

Chris H said...

I must not let Teddy and Coco see!