Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Harley!

Today was a great day for Harley. She got her medical release from the eye specialist and is now "cone free." She gets to swim, run, play, wrestle, romp and nap, all without her annoying cone on. She is a happy, happy girl.

Two weeks ago her eye looked like this:
She was good about wearing her cone, but it had to be uncomfortable for her. She was a very happy camper when she got her stitches out today, that's for sure! What a pretty girl she is. Doesn't she look like she is smiling? And of course, a good nap always feels great. She loves to lay under my desk when I am working. What a nice change a couple of weeks makes!

1 comment:

kks said...

so wonderful to get that darn cone hat off!! i hate those, but i understand that they are necessary!