Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rambling Wednesday...

Instead of the occasional "wordless Wednesday" that I sometimes post, this will be a "rambling Wednesday" - I have catching up to do, and I can just feel in my bones that I'm going to ramble a bit.  Bear with me. 

So, you know I am participating in the "April Photo-A-Day Challenge", right?  I've been taking a photo (or 50!) everyday, but have been too busy to post them.  Lame excuses? You've heard them all from me...but dangit, I'm just darn-tootin busy!  I'm just thankful that there aren't any real rules to the game. Just get out, take some pictures relating to the prompts we are given, and then post.

I have a few to catch up on, so here goes...our last post was April 6th, so I have several to post.

The prompt for April 7th was "dreamy." I just so happened to be in Disneyland that day...home of Sleeping Beauty's castle. Pretty "dreamy" if you ask me. 
April 8th's prompt was "on your plate."  Well, THIS was on my "plate" while I was at Disneyland, and since there are any real rules, that's what I'm using for this particular prompt.  Besides, I didn't eat anything decent on the 8th, and you don't want to see the junk on my proverbial "plate" - stack of paperwork on my desk, etc. Yuck...Yup, this chocolate malt and banana split are MUCH more appetizing!  (By the way - I did NOT consume all of this myself.  I had lots of help, honest! )

Yesterday, April 9th's prompt was "tiny."  This one was challenging for me, as I don't have a good macro lens - and what I wound up with were a LOT of very blurry images.  I liked this one...
 but I really favor this one. Though hard to tell, these tiny buds are the beginnings of new palm fronds. I just thought they were cool, curled up and just beginning their lives.
So, as of this very moment I am caught up. I know it won't last.  Ha ha!  Today's prompt is "a place" and since I am meeting a bunch of my Golden Group friends for a meetup tonight, I'm sure I will have some pictures to share on the "place" we go.  Until then....

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