Friday, April 5, 2013

April 5 - Good Stuff all day

The prompt for the photo-a-day challenge today was 'something good' I knew today just had to be a good day. 

I was right.

Pickle and I started the day with a trip to the swap meet.  She was looking for few little things and we thought it would be fun to cruise around there for a while.  Kona thought so too.  He'd never been before, and really enjoyed himself.  
The funny thing about walking around down there (about 15 miles from where we live) was that Kona (not me) was recognized not once, but twice by people we've visited.  It was pretty cool. He is practically a little celebrity around some of these parts, and he is SUCH a ham. Along with being recognized, we were stopped about 15 times by people just wanting to pet him. Needless to say he SOAKED up the attention...that's my boy, good ol Kona "the Love Sponge."

It was a busy morning for us...the swap meet, visiting with a hospice patient, lunch out with a friend, and then home to change and get ready for the VA.  

I had a brand new team joining us at the VA today, along with a couple of others that are partially thru their supervised visits so I decided to leave Kona at home. I would be plenty busy just observing the other teams, and Kona was ready for a break.

The visit at the VA was, as normal, a big hit.  We had 6 teams and the patients, families, and staff just LOVE the dog days. I bet you'd smile if you saw this group walking down the hall too!
 These two cocker spaniels are just dolls!  They are named "Flirt" and "Little Miss Independence" aka "Indy" - and although they are not related, they almost look like twins.  They are nearly done with their supervised visits and will soon be certified with my Love on a Leash Chapter.  
 This is one of our Visit Captains and a long time friend/Love on a Leash member - Linda and her beautiful girl Happy.  You've never met a more gentle dog than Happy. She is such a beauty, loves to greet the nurses as well as the patients. 
 To top off a nice day full of good things - dogs, friends, therapy visits, etc...we went to our favorite soul food place - Bonnie Jean's Soul Food Cafe. This, my friends, is my official entry for my "something good" photo. Believe me, it was beyond good!


Chris H said...

Those two dogs are very cute.
Your meal looks rather yummy!

Donna Peters said...

I think this would even qualify as an awesome day! Thanks for sharing it :)

Donna Peters

Curt Rogers said...

What VASTLY different days we had with our dogs, but both contained good things.

Thanks for sharing your day, Sue!

Venetta said...

This is cool!