Friday, April 12, 2013

Gigi in the "middle"

Today's prompt for the photo-a-day challenge was "in the middle."

"Oh, this will be easy," I thought to myself.  Just grab the pups, my camera, and a couple of little treats, and snap away. Easy, peasy, right? 

Ha! Well, apparently, Jill (aka Gigi) had some other ideas.

Here is the progression of the photos I took - with commentary by Jill herself.

You want to take our picture? Go ahead Mom... but I'm NOT going to smile.  
 Hey, why is it that KONA always gets to be in the middle?  I don't care that he is the "only" boy now, and he doesn't know what the word "golden" really means...I mean seriously Mom, look at his fur!  I'm turning my back on him in protest.
 Well, we are mixing up the order a bit, but I'm still not happy...why is HARLEY in the middle now? Just cause she is the oldest of the bunch? Whatever...I'm still going to give you my pouty face.
 Are you serious? Another one with HIM in the middle? Fine, I'll give you my "best" side.  So there!
 What? My turn for the middle?  OK, I'll turn around.
 There, now I'm finally smiling.  I like being the important one too ya know!

1 comment:

Curt Rogers said...

You tell her, Jill!

(I love that last pic best of all. She looks so pleased!)