Saturday, March 30, 2013

Egg-citing Eggs

I wish I was more artistically inclined.  I have great vision in my head, but poor execution thru my fingers. 

Take, for eggs-ample, Easter eggs. I have always admired the ultra cool things people have been able to create on these tiny canvas's.

In years gone by mine have looked like this...
 or maybe this if I got the right package of dye "stuff"...
or even this, if I felt egg-ceptionally creative.
  But, never in my wildest dreams, could I make something like these works of art! You name it, there are talented people out there who can make it.  

From Star Wars, Anime, Angry Birds, South Park, Family Guy, and Homer Simpson, to Hello Kitty, the Pink Panther, Garfield, and even Walking Dead Zombie Eggs....people come up with just about everything. How cool would it be to find that the Easter Bunny left some of these gems in your yard?

Have a wonderful day, however you chose to spend it! 

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