Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Vote for a Real Hero Today!

My dear friend Heidi shared this on her FB page and I wanted to help her spread the word. PLEASE take just a moment of your time to click on the link and vote for this hero! Thulani's program helps to support over 400 underprivileged children in Kliptown, South Africa. Your click can help to continue and improve the program. It's just that simple.
From Heidi:
"After you vote in the Presidential Election, PLEASE vote in the CNN Heroes Race! Thulani Madondo, who I am proud to call friend, is one on the Top Ten Heroes of CNN! You can vote up to 10 times per day until Nov 28! Please! It would mean a lot to me and more to the children of Kliptown Youth Program in South Africa! CLICK HERE"
Heidi and Thulani, Kliptown, South Africa, March 2010

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