Thursday, December 22, 2011


What is that saying about plans? "The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray"...well, welcome to my world lately. I've had the best intentions of getting certain things done, and well, I just haven't done them. I've barely started my Christmas shopping - Yes, you read that right! ME! The master planner of events and parties and all things social....and I totally don't have my poop in a group this year.

I can't quite put my finger on it. I have been very busy, that's one thing. Busy with things I love to do, so at least that's a good thing. I've been working a LOT and it's been mainly out of town. I've not been enjoying an 80+ mile commute each way, but I love my job and I won't complain. I do look forward to getting through January though, and hopefully getting back into the San Diego market.

I've also (at least for the last week or so) been fighting a nasty head cold. I freaking hate being sick! I've got no energy, no "UMPH". I want to sit on the couch in my sweats, curled up with a blanket and the dogs and spend long hours with my newest boyfriend,
Dexter Morgan. Oh, I do love my Dexter...I've only known him for about 3 seasons so far (don't give anything away if you are a fan) but it was love at first episode, and it's torture to tear myself away from him.

So...between my cold, and my boyfriend, some other distractions and a couple of other unexpected wrenches thrown in between my spokes, some of the more important things have gotten moved to the back burner of my life recently.

One such "wrench" got thrown at me yesterday. AJ and I had just dropped Jack and Jill off at the groomer. (Kona and Harley went the day before) We'd planned to do some much needed (what else)Christmas shopping, and had just walked into Target. My cell phone rang, and it was the groomer. She told me there had been an "incident" and that Jill's toe nail was bleeding. "No big deal, just put some of that powder stuff on it..." I thought to myself. I told her it was probably fine and to give it a couple of minutes. She said that I'd misunderstood her...the toenail hadn't been clipped too short, the whole nail had ripped off. WHAT? I was on my way.

We got to the groomer about 15 minutes later, and this is what I was given. Jill's entire nail. Gross, I know!

Apparently, the groomer was walking her up into the bathtub and the nail caught on something. Ouch! It didn't seem to be bothering her at all, she was jumping around like a silly puppy, but the blood was unbelievable! I called my vet, and off we went.

Jill came home with her foot completely wrapped after having what was left of the toenail cauterized to stop the bleeding. Delightful. And she got an injection for the pain, and of course antibiotics...needless to say, it was not a cheap morning.

The worst part was probably that she was the one most in need of getting groomed (she is SUCH a fluff ball!) and she can't get groomed for several weeks now. Again, delightful.

So much for getting anything done yesterday. Oh, I did finally pick up my Christmas cards from the printer yesterday. Can I get a Whoo-hoo!! I actually got a bunch of them mailed today too. Hey! I'm making progress.

If I could just have another week to get my Christmas shopping done, I'd be in great shape!


sharonkneebone said...'re human like the rest of us. Jill will still love you and you will still be the ultimate party planner for our 30th. Merry Christmas and I love you!


Curt Rogers said...

Poor Jill! I'm happy it was nothing more serious! But still!

Happy holidays, Sue! Al my best to you and your family, the two- and four-legged kind!

Meeka said...

Ouch! I hope Jill's paw is healing nicely.

I love Dexter too. I didn't find season three as intense as 1&2, but it'll pick up in 4 and the season finale of 4 OMGosh.
Meeka's mom

Chris H said...

OMG that nail photo is gross, it made me cringe!
I hope Jill is all better soon, and groomed!