Friday, December 9, 2011

For a change, I am the one in the family that gets to do a little traveling for the next couple of days. Hubby has been traveling here and there quite a bit lately for business - he was just in Sacramento Tuesday and Wednesday and has been in the mid west several times in the last month or two. As I am typing this, I am on a plane bound for the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I am going to visit with my brother and his family, and for the first time I get to meet my "nephew" puppies, Bogie the Boxer, and Raider the Boston.

Of course I will miss my own family and fur babies, but I am looking forward to a little change of scenery too. I know that my pups will miss me, and I am pretty sure that Kona could tell that something was up today. He was walking around all morning with not one, but both of my Ugg slippers in his mouth. Thank goodness I don't mind his slobber...

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