Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Party 2011 The Decorations part 1

After over a year of planning, and months of working, everything finally came together this past Saturday evening for our annual Halloween party. This year's theme was Egyptian - "Death on the Nile." It was a HUGE success, and one of our best parties ever. All of our 95 guests that attended seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves, as did we. All of our hard work paid off and we had one hell of a fun party.
Here are first round of the decoration pictures.
The front yard.
Entry way...
The living room.
As you enter the house, to the left is the hallway.
Next is the linen closet area.
And then you got to the bathroom - or in our case it was a version of Tut's tomb.

I'll be posting lots more soon, so be sure to check back often over the next couple of days. Also, I know a lot of you who attended the party asked if I would be posting pictures here and if you could share my blog link with your friends. Absolutely! If you have a minute and would like to leave a comment, those are always appreciated.


Carolyn said...

WOW! You put that HGTV show Dina's Party to shame. That's awesome!!

kks said...

wow! looks fabulous! you sure know how to throw a party!!

Sharon said...

Sue... I am ALWAYS amazed! Can't wait to see more pictures!

Chris H said...

Another AMAZING effort! I would be a bit worried about using your bathroom!