Sunday, June 23, 2013

You Tubing It.

If you are FaceBook with me, you probably already know that back on April 11th I created a page for Kona.  It's called "Kona The Love Sponge." I'm not sure what exactly possessed me to do it, but it's been a TON of fun, and the page gains daily "likes".  Earlier this week we passed the 7000 mark, which I thought was pretty cool for only having the page for 2 months.

The page is narrated from Kona's point of view, and is 99% just about him - his day to day antics, therapy work, and interactions with the other dogs.  It's a blast to get the comments from folks all over the world who have stumbled across his page and seem to thoroughly enjoy it. 

Anyway...Since bringing the new little fella into the house I've been making a few short videos. Nothing great - just short, cute snippets.  (I've also created Kona's very own You Tube channel - I know, I know....I'm nuts.)

Here are the couple I've made so far. 

And the best one so far- in my opinion,

I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoy making them.  Please feel free to share them with anyone you think might enjoy seeing them too.

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Chris H said...

I loved all of them! So neat to see your pups at home.