Monday, May 6, 2013

What if...

What if this happened to your Mom. PLEASE take a couple of minutes and read this. It's important.  Rob is a high school friend of mine.  NO ONE should have to live with the thought of this monster getting out.

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Cathlene Anne Harbert was born in October of 1944. She grew up in various places, but spent most of her life in San Diego, California. In 1963 she met George Lambeth, they married and had three sons. In 1970 the Lambeth family settled in Mira Mesa, where Cathi became an active member of the community. She worked at Lowell Mason Elementary as a teacher's aide and yard duty. She was also a member, and later elected P.T.A. President. She was well known in the neighborhood, and was an honorary mom to many of the Lambeth brothers' friends. Later she became involved in the Mira Mesa Youth Soccer League as a coach and board member. She loved her Sharpshooters teams, the girls were the daughters that she never had.

Then at the age of 38, she disappeared.
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She was missing for 10 days when her body was discovered in a garbage dumpster. Her killer was Thomas Patterson, a friend of her estranged husband. Cathi Stubbins (she had divorced several years prior and remarried) had taken pity on the down on his luck Patterson and allowed him to live in her garage for a short time until he got back on his feet. She knew that he was a troubled man, but out of the goodness of her heart she wanted to help him out, not knowing the full extent of his past problems. On a Saturday in October 1982 Cathi gave Patterson a ride to his father's house. He lured her to a hotel room under the pretense of a meeting with her estranged husband, then murdered her. I share the video below only so that you will fully understand the gravity of what this monster did. He murdered her, cut her into pieces, and then threw her in the garbage.
Patterson was previously convicted in 1978 for the molestation of an 8-year old girl, and paroled in 1980. He was also convicted of grand theft in 1981, then paroled again in 1982.

After killing Cathi, Patterson fled San Diego and hid out for almost a year avoiding capture, before finally being apprehended in late 1983. In 1984 he was allowed to plead guilty to 2nd degree murder, and was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. The family and friends of Cathi, as well as the District Attorney's Office in San Diego, have successfully opposed bail for Patterson in 1993, 1995, 2001, and 2008. We recently received notice that the latest parole consideration hearing will be held this coming July. As always, my brother Darren and I will represent her family and friends opposing parole for Thomas Patterson. But we need your help this time.

He has been in prison for almost 30 years, and as time goes on I grow more and more concerned that the parole board will decide that he has been in long enough. Maybe he's learned his lesson, maybe he's no longer a threat. I dread hearing the decision that he has been deemed suitable for parole. So this time I would like to have a lot of letters from the community stating that we all remain opposed to the parole of this convicted child molester and murderer, that he will never be suitable to live among us. Please take a few minutes out of your life to help us assure that this creature is not allowed to move into your neighborhood, to prey on your loved ones. Let's make sure that he dies in prison, never free for a moment, never having another chance to destroy the lives of innocent people.

If you would like to help, just write a letter opposing his parole. It doesn't have to be a long letter, just make sure to hit whatever key points are important to you. Maybe you are a friend of Cathi or her family, and you have seen first hand the effects of this crime. Perhaps you are a concerned citizen that does not want violent criminals released into your neighborhood. Whatever it is, write a letter and share your thoughts with the Parole Board. Your letters DO have an impact at the hearing, the board takes them into consideration. There is no set format, just be sure to include the name Thomas Patterson and CDC #B97941. Mail your letter to Rob Lambeth, P.O. Box 6993, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315. I will gather them and make sure they get to the Board of Prison Terms. 

Time is short, we did not get as much notice as in the past. I need as many letters as possible in my hands by May 15 so I can be sure that they are submitted in time. Please feel free to forward this web site to anyone you feel would like to help.

On behalf of my family I thank you in advance for your assistance.

Rob Lambeth

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Anonymous said...

I will be writing a letter...that is horrific!!! He needs to absolutely rot in prison.
I will make sure my letter gets there by the 15th or sooner.