Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Party 2009, Part 2, The Beginning of Decorations

It's all in the details. That's what makes a good party great. Well, that, and a lot of alcohol! Ha ha!

Seriously though, we pride ourselves on the details of our parties, and time and time again that's what people remember. It's not that you had a ton of beer, or never ran out of chicken wings, its that when they turn around, basically every square inch of the house has something going on in it. No stone is left unturned, no skeleton is left unscalped.

I present to you, the beginning of my decoration posts. There will be too many pictures to post all at once, and I'm sure blogger would screw up if I tried. So here goes...The front yard, the entry way, the hallway and the bathroom.

This face became our unofficial mascot for the party this year. My friend Shirley found this image on a belt buckle several months ago when I was looking for something to put on the invitations. He fit our Old West-Ghost Town theme perfectly. This giant version of the face was on our garage door.
The entry to our house...every old west party needs a bloody covered wagon, right?
This little fellow was waiting for guests at the front door.
What would the old west be without Indians?
The full view of the front yard.
Once you entered the front door you were in the Sheriff's office, complete with prisoners begging to get out of jail.
To the left you entered the mine (aka the hallway)
Halfway through the mine there was a bird cage with a faux dead canary, some dynamite, etc.
The mine shaft was lit only by torches, which gave it a great creepy effect.
Once you got to the end of the mine, you got to the indoor-out house. Waiting were three miners, each taking a load off their minds.
Also in the out house were the regulars, giant spiders, a creepy bat....
and even a family of opossums on the roof of the outhouse.
We had a slow version of "Oh My Darlin Clementine" playing in the background of the bathroom (compliments of Pickle's artistry), along with an occasional scream for help. Pretty cool, if I don't say so myself....
Stay tuned for more decoration pictures soon!


Sierra Rose said...

Pretty incredible! Is it up through Halloween? The detail is amazing. Not sure about using the 'outhouse' will all the fells in there, a spiders and critters!! :))

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose and mom

Homer said...


This is so cool! I bet you are going to have an amazing Halloween party! And your wonderful friends and neighbours who helped you, job well done!


Golden Daily Scoop said...

OMD!!!! That is the coolest,amazing halloween party set up!!!! Can't wait to hear how it went!!! Wonder what the golden's thought of all that?! BOL!!!

lota licks,

Shelly Carter said...

wow it doesn't even look like a house what a great party. I have to plan a Christmas party for 175 do you have any Ideas? looking foward to finally meeting you on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Merrill: REALLY, the media should be told!

Unknown said...

Shelly - I look forward to meeting you too! I always have ideas for parties! We'll have to talk!

Merrill - I was interviewed by the Union Tribune last year about my party...I even had to hire a doorman to be sure only people with invites got in! It was crazy! If I told more media, I'd have to charge admission!

Chris H said...

Stew just said 'AMAZING'!
There really is nothing else to say... you guys are just the most amazing party hosts!

furniture Toronto said...

Hi. It looks amazing. It must require a lot of work but the result is great. I like especially the entry to the house and than all the small details. I would like to see the house during party. The atmosphere must be very spooky. Thanks for inspiration.

Happy Halloween,

Jen said...

Outstanding! I love every detail ~~and you did lots and lots of detail!! ;)

majcpw said...

This is absolutely incredible! What did you use for the timbers for the hallway mine shafts?

Unknown said...

We used old carpet tubes. Found them at outside a dumpster at a carpet store. We covered them in faux wood grain paper bought through a place called Shing Dingz.